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The Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation (ZZSF) was started in 2017 in remembrance of Zack Zolin (AKA Zigg) who loved football and overcame life’s obstacles to play the game. The Board consists of some of Zack's family and friends as well as some amazing people who did not have the pleasure of knowing Zack while he was alive but support and love what the foundation does and stands for.

The foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships to collegiate student athletes who are committed and passionate to their sport. Since its inception, Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation has awarded 34 scholarships totaling $37,000 to collegiate athletes in varying sports across the nation!


Zack Zolin was magnetic. He had a smile that would brighten any room and make you smile on your worst day. He loved his family and friends and was always surrounded by people and having as much fun as possible.

Zack especially loved his sport - football. He encountered many hurdles and sustained a number of injuries throughout his football career but he never considered giving up. He kept his eye on the prize and would always forge ahead with that brilliant smile on his face.

Zack would not have wanted his family and friends to spend their days mourning over his passing. To keep his spirit and legacy alive, we have created the Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation in hopes that he will continue to make an impact in peoples' lives by helping them to forge ahead through their struggles and pursue their dreams!

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