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It has been our pleasure to award these collegiate athletes with partial scholarships and to aid in their ability to attend college and pursue their athletic goals! Our recipients have been awarded scholarships ranging from $500 - $2,000 and we hope to be able to award larger scholarships in the future.  Meet our Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation scholarship winners!

Scholarship Recipients: Grants
Cayla Anderson 2021
Jeremiah Cunningham 2018
Sophia Guyer 2021
Logan Mullen 2021
Keshon Davila 2020
Makalya-Aimee Atoigue-Garrido 2023
Riley Carey 2023
Trey Harrison 2019
Jordan Chapple 2020
Michelle Thompson 2021
Jordan Davis 2020
Morgan Childress 2022
Darrick Jones 2018
Lauren Bodel 2022
Mackenzie Russell 2021
Chase Banks 2021
Jaiden Downing 2020
Jocelyn Keller 2023
Jaden Henderson 2020
Ciara Scafide 2022
Jaden Henderson 2022
Chrystiaan Sexton 2022
Dylan Johnson 2023
Brian Kowall 2021
Connor Sinclair 2022
Aadriana Epps 2023
Ashley Brown 2023
Scholarship Recipients: Image
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