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Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to provide partial scholarships to collegiate student athletes. Ideal applicants are committed and passionate to their sport but may have overcome obstacles and might not be given opportunities at the higher collegiate level.

Scholarship applications are reviewed and awarded twice a year - once in January and once in August. Typically, the scholarship money will be paid directly to your student account at your college and may be used for student athletes to pay towards their tuition, books, housing, or sports related expenses.

Applicants can be high school senior athletes who will start college next year or current college student athletes continuing their college education. Applicants must meet the criteria and provide the requirements outlined below. Click below to navigate to our scholarship application platform. 



2.5 or higher core GPA


Attending a junior college or 4-year university


On a college sports team


Scholarship money will be paid directly to your school


Be sure to complete your application in its entirety on our application platform by answering all short essay questions and including all relevant information and documentation listed below.


Provide a copy of your transcript from most recent semester. Applicants should have a core GPA of 2.5 or higher. Official or Unofficial transcripts will be accepted. All transcripts must be clear, legible and unaltered.


While this is not completely a needs-based scholarship, financial need will play a role in our scholarship decisions. As such, please provide a list of any current scholarships and grants you have been awarded.


Respond to the five short essay prompts using at least 200 words per answer. The Board reviews these answers to better gauge which applicant(s) best align with our mission and best represent Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation.


Provide the school name, location, annual tuition cost and student ID to which any awarded scholarship money should be paid.


Provide the college team's coach name and email address. The application platform will send the coach an email to access the platform, answer some questions and provide information to validate that the applicant is currently on the team.


A reference letter from an educator, counselor, coach or mentor must be provided. Provide the recommender's name and email address and the platform will send them an email asking them to complete the reference letter. They can either attach a document or write the letter of recommendation directly in the platform.

Click below to access the application platform. You will be able to save your progress and come back to complete the application as needed. Incomplete applications or applications with attachments that are illegible will not be accepted. Applications that do not have all requirements completed at the end of the award cycle as listed on the application platform will not be considered. Applications will need to be redone for any future scholarship awarding consideration.

By submitting this application, you agree to the use of your picture on Zack Zolin Scholarship Foundation's website and social media if you win the scholarship.

For questions, please send an email to

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